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To become a highly effective person with interpersonal leadership skills, you have to imprint certain lessons. Those lessons come from generations of leaders before you. When you undertake the changes necessary for improving your income, your life, your success day after day.. these daily changes become habits. This compound effect will change your life drastically. We, the Auto Mechanic Club, would like to show you how marketers are tellings stories. Stories about how they captured the market on their own. They searched for ways to make the goals they had visualized in their minds, happen in their lives. Those successful marketers were constantly searching for knowledge in the direction they wanted their lives to go. They were reading books, articles, or websites. They were networking at conferences, conventions, or other events. Those people deal with the high stress levels gracefully, because they know their end goal & what it means for them to be a great success. After a while they can stumble upon a mentor who is willing to give more insights about how they achieved success. Mentors show how to add more value to your life. Most high achievers find a mentor they admire and aspire towards. Moreover, they’ll surround themselves with like-minded people. Those successful people have created momentum for themselves, and others want to be part of it. Big thinkers always flock together, and they will become your tribe. We, the Auto Mechanic Club, want to be this helping point to create more momentum for you. As your mentor, the Auto Mechanic Club, will serve you with help to build yourself a good foundation. You’ll learn from your failures, train your mind, invest in your goals & become a leader. Healthy striving is self-focused. We offer you to get out of your comfort zone, be positive every day, become confident, keep the big picture in your mind & go with full speed towards your goals. You’ll become tenacious & tough. You’ll think big & win big. We, the Mechanic Club, will help you explore new areas, strengthen your weaknesses. We’ll offer powerful lessons in personal change. Dare to lead! Join our team! Have the courage to develop your potential. Practice the courage to say what you mean, and mean what you say. Stay clear and kind. Practice gratitude. Stay curious and ask the right questions. Show empathy & connection. To live with courage, purpose, and connection – to be the person who you long to be – you must again be vulnerable and take responsibility for your life. You must show up, and let yourself be seen.